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Why This Pregnant Fitness Blogger Left ‘The Project’ Hosts Speechless

Talk about #fitspo

Blogger Anna Strode made headlines for sharing inspirational workout tips—while pregnant—to more than 95 thousand followers on Instagram. 

The blogger behind bubs2bikinis announced that she has not only given birth to a beautiful baby girl, but was working out just hours before. 

“My last #pregnancyworkout was at the hospital just hours before we met our gorgeous Madi Grace,” she posted on Instagram.

When he story appeared during a news segment on The Project on Thursday night, the hosts cracked a bunch of one liners.

“That is one workout where you really hope she wiped down the equipment with a towel,” Peter Helliar quipped to the laughter and groans of the audience. 

Host Gorgi Coghlan was left speechless after Helliar’s remark, declaring: “I don’t have a response to that.”

Coghlan then went on to praise Strobes for her commitment, declaring “good on her” and “fabulous”, but also joking she wouldn’t want to share a birthing suite with the active new-mum.

On Instagram, Strode also revealed Little Madi Grace was born in the exact same room as her two brothers, Lachie and Sammy.

Congratulations to the happy family of five!

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