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This Student’s Fight For Girls To Be Allowed To Wear Pants At School Makes So Much Sense

She's our hero

Off the back of the news that all Victorian public schools are set to allow girls to wear shorts or pants as their school uniform, one passionate student has spoken out about what the change means to her. 

As revealed on Wednesday night’s episode of The Project, 8-year-old South Australian student Marlie made a request to her principal for females to be allowed to wear pants or shorts if they chose to.

She said the allowance means she can jump on a trampoline or swing on monkey bars without worrying about a skirt. 

“People do have a right to go up to their principal and say ‘well I would like to change the policy for shorts or pants,” she told The Project

She also argued that boys should be permitted to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. 

“Some boys they get judged on what they wear and I don’t think it’s fair that there’s a dress code for anyone,” she explained. 

“It’s not fair that girls have to wear dresses and its not fair that boys have to wear shorts and pants.”

Marlie for PM, anyone?

As expected, the 8-year-old was hailed as a hero on social media for standing up for her rights.

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