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Bella Hadid And The Weeknd Are Hanging Out Again

And there's photo proof

Just over two weeks ago, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were spotted spending time together while Gomez was still believed to be in a relationship with her boyfriend of 10 months, The Weeknd (nee Abel Tesfaye). 

News then broke that The Weeknd and Gomez had actually split prior to the Jelena sightings, with The Weeknd reportedly calling things quits due to conflicting work schedules. 

Now, it seems that Gomez and Bieber aren’t the only exes willing to give things another go: The Weeknd has been spotted leaving his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid’s mum’s New York City apartment.

Tesfaye, who dashed out of the building while speaking on his phone, reportedly spent “several hours there,” according to the photo agency.

While the apartment technically belongs to Hadid’s mother, Yolanda, the model has been spotted at the residence several times in the past week – and it would make sense for Tesfaye to meet her there in an attempt to throw off paparazzi.

Hadid and Tesfaye dated for a year before ending things around November 2016. Mere months later, The Weeknd was first spotted kissing Gomez before going public with the singer shortly after.

E! News reports that Tesfaye and Hadid have been in contact since Tesfaye’s split with Gomez but that things aren’t official. 

“They are not back together,” a source told the site. “Abel reached out to Bella asking to hang out and catch up, and she decided to see him and see where things go,” they continued.

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A second insider revealed that Tesfaye has been open about still having feelings for the 20-year-old model, saying: “He has expressed to her that he loves her still, and they will always have a real connection,” the source reveals.

“He also apologised for hurting her in the past.”

And as far as Bella goes? “She still loves him but has her guard up. She never really got over him,” the insider explains. “She is not looking to be exclusive with him now, just to be his friend.”

“His schedule won’t allow him to stay focused on her – she knows this from past experience. She also knows he is talking to a few girls still. She reads what is put out in the news and that affects her.”

Who knows where this will go, but given the surprising resurgence of Jelena we wouldn’t rule anything out.

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