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This Man Has To Tell Police If He Gets A New Girlfriend

And there's a horrific reason why

We can’t imagine that there would be many women lining up to date Kylle Godfrey, 30, who was sentenced to three years in prison after violently bashing his girlfriend in October last year.

But, in a UK first, if the convicted felon does manage to score a date, he’ll need to inform police so they can, in turn, notify his new partner.

The 30-year-old Londoner strangled and banged his partner’s head on the floor, inflicting serious trauma injuries, reports the BBC. After his arrest, he continued to intimidate his victim and, while on bail, assaulted his new girlfriend.

In a move designed to protect women from the criminal, if he is in a relationship for more than 14 days over the next seven years, he’ll need to declare it to police, who will then inform his new partner of his previous violent behaviour towards women. 

Detective Inspector Jane Topping, from the Hackney Community Safety Unit, told The Telegraph: “This order gives us a new way of protecting victims domestic abuse and prevent other women from suffering at the hands of people like Godfrey, and help our efforts to tackle domestic violence.

“The victim in Godfrey’s case was subjected to a horrendous ordeal by him following a sustained campaign of domestic violence.

“She has shown incredible bravery in supporting our investigation, and I hope she feels safer now Godfrey is behind bars and will be subject to closer scrutiny.”

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