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Toddler Left Home Alone For Two Days After Mum Suffers Fatal Asthma Attack

‘I can’t wake mummy’

When Jodi-Ann hadn’t heard from her friend Lydia Macdonald in days she became concerned. Heading over to her house to check on her she had no idea what she would stumble across.

With no answer at the door, the spied her friend’s two-year-old son, Mason, through the glass and urged him to open the door.

What she found was her friend Lydia, 28, dead in her bed, holding her inhaler. She had died from a fatal asthma attack.

Mason has survived on his on for two days, surviving on cheese from the fridge, reports The Sun

The boy was rushed to hospital with dehydration.

Lydia’s mum Linda Macdonald then had to deliver the devastating news to her grandson that his mummy was gone. The news made extra sad by the fact that his father, Bobby Martin, had also died suddenly when he was just eight-months old.

“We were absolutely devastated,” she explained. “The light she brought to every room had gone out.

“They think she passed away on Sunday or Monday night, meaning Mason was alone with her. I have no idea what he thought or what he was going through.

“Lydia was so strong and independent, she passed that onto Mason and somehow he managed to feed and water himself for all that time.

“We are now bringing up Mason and tell him every day that now his mummy is with daddy and they’re both the brightest stars in the sky – and despite everything he’s doing fantastically.

Linda has now started a campaign in her daughter’s name in conjunction with Asthma UK called the Lydia Macdonald Tribute Fund in the hopes her story might save another life. 

“Asthma can kill, but unlike cancer and other killers no-one knows how severe it can be,” Lydia tells The Sun.

“We hope by sharing Lydia’s story it can save at least one other person’s life.” 

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