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“Why Is He Immune To This”: Trump Accuser Speaks Out

Rachel Crooks says the US President forcibly kissed her in 2005

With the world’s attention fixed firmly on sexual assault and harassment allegations in Hollywood, one woman has shone a spotlight once again on accusations about US President Donald Trump.

In 2016, Rachel Crooks accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct dating back to 2005 when she was working at Bayrock Group in Trump Tower.

Appearing on CNN on Monday, Crooks alleged that Trump repeatedly and forcibly kissed her while they were waiting for a lift.

“I knew he was a partner of ours so I wanted to introduce myself. I shook his hand and he gave me a kiss on each cheek, which was normal, but he held onto my hand and he continued to kiss my cheeks over and over again as he inserted small talk,” she said.

“He asked me where I was from, if I was a model; he told me he had his own modelling agency, but he kept repeatedly kissing me and then, finally, he kissed me on the lips.”

Crooks—who was 22 at the time— explained that she “ran back into the office” and phoned her sister after the encounter. 

The former receptionist is one of at least 15 women who have accused the US President of misconduct, reports.

Crooks explained that while she has welcomed the recent conversations about sexual assault and harassment along with the #MeToo movement, she feels her allegations have been overlooked.  

“I’m so thankful that women are having enough courage to come forward, but yes, I do feel forgotten,” she said. 

“I mean, you can’t help but wonder why people aren’t talking about Trump and the people that came forward for him and why is he immune to this? I think we’re forgotten by people who want to put party above all else and that’s sad, because this should be bigger than politics.”

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