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Donald Trump Tells Brigitte Macron She’s “In Such Good Shape”


Is it possible for Donald Trump to meet another world leader without acting like a macho strongman or sexist fool?

It’s hard to forget the time he appeared to push the Montenegrin prime minister at a NATO summit, or his white-knuckle handshake with France’s newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron.

Today’s cringeworthy Trump news: the US President praised French first lady Brigitte Macron for being in shape during his visit to Paris. 

“You know, you’re in such great shape,” he told Mrs Macron after the end of a tour at Hotel des Invalides, CNN reports.

In the video the US President is seen gesturing towards the French first wife’s body.

He then repeats the comment, declaring “she’s in such good physical shape. Beautiful”.

Twitter, obviously was having none of it:

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