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Nervous Flyers Beware: According To Science Turbulence Is About To Get A Whole Lot Worse

Hold onto your hats, people.

Extreme turbulence can leave even seasoned flyers shaken (excuse the pun), but for those whose palms get clammy just thinking about being in the sky, we’re sorry, but this recent study really isn’t going to put you at ease.

Scientists at the University of Reading have been looking into the impact of climate change on turbulence, and the results are pretty, uh, staggering.

The study, reported by and published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences journal, assessed the relationship between climate change and clear-air turbulence. It concluded that light turbulence is likely to increase by 59%, moderate turbulence by 94%, and moderate-to-severe turbulence by 127% as climate change increases.

Oh, and while you’re trying to that in without hyperventilating, severe turbulence is said to also increase. By a whopping 149%, no less.

Anyone else wondering how long it takes to get to London by boat?

The research was focused on flight paths between Europe and the United States, with the increase due to stronger wind shears within the jet stream created by global warming. So, I guess there’s always the option of boycotting both countries altogether, and basically never leaving Australia again.

Travel is overrated, right?

The good news is, scientists involved don’t expect the increase in turbulence to occur until later this century, so we have a bit of time to really focus our energy into other travel means. Such as teleportation.

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