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The ‘House Of Horrors’ Parents Reportedly Wanted A Reality Show

And a 14th child

David and Louise Turpin, who have pleaded not guilty to the torture and abuse of their 13 children, had dreams of their own reality TV show, a relative has claimed.

Louise Turpin’s half-brother, Billy Lambert, said the ‘house of horrors’ couple had plans to become millionaires through their own series. 

“She used to say how they would be perfect for TV and would often ­mention they would be bigger than the reality show Kate Plus 8,” he told the UK Mirror.

“She thought the world would be fascinated by their lives.

“It is the reason they moved to California to be nearer to Hollywood.”

Both Lambert and Louise Turpin’s younger sister, Teresa Robinette have alleged the parents planned to have another baby.

“Only last month Louise told me her and David were planning to have another child,” Lambert said. 

“I asked her why on earth they wanted more children and she said about wanting a reality TV show.”

The news follows unconfirmed reports that police are considering sending cadaver dogs to the Turpin’s house to determine if other children had once been at the property.

David and Louise Turpin appeared in court on January 18 and plead not guilty to all charges. According to CBS News, the parents are facing 12 counts of torture, seven counts of abuse of a dependent adult, six counts of child abuse or neglect and 12 counts of false imprisonment. The father is also charged with one count of lewd act on a child.

Police discovered the Turpin children— aged 2 to 29—starving in their Californian after a 17-year-old girl managed to escape and call police.   

Riverside County district attorney Mike Hestrin said the children had been tied up with ropes by their parents, and restrained by chains and padlocks when one sibling managed to break free. He told press the children had not been allowed to shower more than once a year.

“Punishment would last weeks or even months at a time,” Hestrin alleged, CNN reports.

“This is severe, emotional, physical abuse. … This is depraved conduct.”

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