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Two Australian Sisters Identified As Victims In London Acid Attack

The incident took place in a nightclub.

Two Australian women have been identified amongst 12 people who were injured in an acid attack at a London nightclub. 

7 News reports that the attack took place at a nightclub called Mangle on Easter Sunday.

While hundreds of people were on the dance floor, an argument broke out between two groups and led to two men throwing what appears to be acid over people on the dance floor. 

Isobella and Prue Fraser and Prue Fraser were among the victims that suffered burns from the liquid, and had to go to hospital to be treated. They now have scars on their backs and arms.

“They [the burns] could be worse, they’re very painful but I didn’t get it on the face,” Isobella told Channel 7.

“I just have burns on my arms and on my back, and my shirt that I was wearing actually stuck to my skin.

“The people around it were splattered in the face. A lot of our friends did not go to hospital because they were guys and they thought ‘whatever’, they will be fine. We encouraged them to see someone.

“We saw a drink bottle. They targeted men in a fight, the people [are] in critical condition because they have it in the face. They were targeting them.

“It sort of went everywhere, I could not breathe. I thought we were getting gassed, I thought it was a terrorist attack.”

The substance has not yet been identified, and police are yet to make any arrests over the incident.

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