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Tyrell Cobb’s Grieving Father Opens Up About Toddler’s Death

"They can rot in hell"

The father of four-year-old Tyrell Cobb, who was killed by a blow to the stomach in 2009, has broken his silence, the night his son’s mother and her partner were finally sentenced for manslaughter.

Yesterday at Brisbane Supreme Court, Tyrell’s mum, Heidi Strzbak, was jailed for nine years for violently lashing out at her son on the Gold Coast in May 2009, reports.

Matthew Scown, Strzbak’s then-partner, also pleaded guilty to Tyrell’s manslaughter but walked free having already spent two years and eight months behind bars for the crime.

Following the verdict, Tyrell’s father, Jason Cobb, called Strzbak and Scown “disgusting people,” saying they “can rot in hell” for his son’s death.

Speaking to A Current Affair last night, Cobb was visibly emotional as he described Tyrell as a “happy little boy, playful, cheeky”.

A Current Affair

“Nearly every night around eight o’clock I used to call him, sometimes earlier, and say good night, how was your day, and all that stuff,” he said, before saying that video footage of Scown smiling as he left the court in October was “like a slap in the face.”

“If you want to smile like that, have some remorse, but he had none,” Cobb said.

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