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Uber Driver Pleads Not Guilty To Raping Woman In The Back Of His Car

'She did not have the strength to be able to push him off'

A Sydney Uber driver has pleaded not guilty to raping a woman who fell asleep in the back of his car on October 18, 2015.

Muhammad Naveed, 41, appeared in court accused of raping a 22-year-old British woman after picking her up in his car heavily intoxicated after a night out in Sydney’s Kings Cross.

Crown prosecutor James Trevallion told the court during his opening address that the woman had been drinking with friends and believed she was getting into a taxi.

“What she does remember is being in what she believed was a taxi,” said Trevallion.

The court heard how Naveed then pulled into a petrol station where he purchased a bottle of water and a packet of condoms, reports Sydney Morning Herald

“She became confused … and did not really understand why the accused was showing her this packet of condoms,” the presecutor continued.

Struggling to stay awake, the court heard how she woke to find the Naveed on top of her, reports ABC

“She did not have the strength to be able to push him off,” Trevallion added.

The woman, who was working as a nanny for a family in Sydney’s east, was then dropped off and the court heard that no payment was exchanged.

Naveed was arrested three days later, where he reportedly told police he had consensual sex with the woman.

“I told my barrister and I’ll tell you as well, it was consent[ual] sex,” he is alleged to have said according to the ABC. “I asked her a few times and she said yes.”

“The crown case is that the accused knew the complainant wasn’t consenting or at the very least, didn’t care,” Trevallion said.

The trial continues.

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