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New Mum Stuns The Internet With Underwater Birth In The Red Sea

This is something else

Hundreds of tourists flock to the Red Sea each year, but now it’s attracting pregnant women for something else entirely: underwater births.

Photos have surfaced today of a woman giving birth in the Red Sea, Egypt, with the help of her husband and a man thought to be a Russian doctor specialising in water births, reports.

Little is known of the woman, believed to be Russian, or her newborn baby, who is pictured attached to its umbilical cord being held above the waves. Another man, presumably the baby’s father, holds the placenta in a plastic container.

The images were taken by a watching tourist from a nearby hotel balcony and shared with The Sun.

The scene took place in the resort town of Dahab, Egypt, which local media reports indicate has become a popular spot for seawater births, The Sun reports.

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