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Victoria Beckham Recreated Her Signature Leg Pose In A Pant Suit


It’s official: There’s nothing Victoria Beckham can’t do. The popstar turned fashion designer turned beauty mogul just did her signature leg pose in a pant suit and now we’ve seen everything.

ICYMI, Victoria was on The Ellen Show yesterday and was asked by Ellen DeGeneres why she’s photographed a lot with her leg up in the air. “Is that a challenge or is it just comfortable for you to lay [like that]?” Ellen asked.

Victoria started to answer the question, but instead, she asked, “Can you do that Ellen?”.

And then they both gave it a try.

Victoria was dressed in a white pant suit (one of her own designs, naturally) and swung her leg up in the air with great ease so it was touching her head. Ellen struggled a bit but still put in a solid effort.

Explaining that her background as a dancer is why she’s so flexible, Victoria shared that she gets tagged in photos all the time of people’s cats, dogs, and babies doing the #VBPose. And she looks at every single one of them so “keep them coming”, Victoria said!

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