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Vin Diesel Shocks In Sexist Interview

Is this the most awkward interview ever?

Vin Diesel has caused outrage after an interview during a press conference at Comic Con in 2016 has gone viral.

The actor, there to promote his film xXx: Return of Xander Cage was more interested in talking about his interviewer, Brazilian journalist Carol Moreira’s appearance and making her appear extremely uncomfortable in the process.

Diesel interrupts their discussion three times to comment on her appearance.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” he says (around the 4:49 mark in the video according to ), as he motions to people off-camera. “My God, she’s so beautiful, man. Am I right or wrong? Look at her. How am I supposed to do this interview? Look at this woman. She’s so beautiful. Talk to me, baby!”

Moreira then attempts to get the interview back on track, laughing off his comments, but visibly uncomfortable.

The actor then continues.

“Tell me your story! Let’s get outta here,” he said. “Let’s go, let’s go have lunch. My God, I love her. Look how beautiful she is. God, wow, man.” 

“You guys think this is a joke. How am I supposed to sit over here looking at such beauty?” Diesel asked the people off-camera again. “C’mon guys. She’s so beautiful. I’m in love. I’m in love with the interviewer.” 

At the start of the clip, which Moreira posted to YouTube, she introduces the interview.

“He began to hit on me in the middle of the interview, say that I was pretty, and he interrupted the interview three times to talk about it. I was laughing, completely uncomfortable,” she explains in Portuguese, which has been translated according to E! News. .

“I was not sure what to do. I just laughed because it was a very delicate situation. I did not like it. At the time I did not know how to react, but you will see that I was uncomfortable, it was not nice that he interrupted my work.”

Diesel is not married but is in a long-term relationship with Paloma Jimenez with whom he has three children.

The actor is yet to comment on the interview.

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