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Woman Found Guilty Of Dumping The Remains Of Six Dead Babies In A Storage Locker

She concealed her pregnancies and hid the remains.

A woman has been found guilty of dumping the remains of six dead babies in a storage unit, after concealing her pregnancies and carrying them to full-term.

The Huffington Post reports Andrea Giesbrecht of Winnipeg, Canada has been charged with six counts of concealing the body of a dead child, which carry a maximum of two years in jail for each.

Police discovered the remains after Giesbrecht stopped paying rent at the storage locker, and staff noticed a strange smell in some of the bags inside. They found the remains of the babies inside, with one covered in white power that slowed composition and another wrapped in a towel.

Her DNA matched all six babies – five boys and one girl. However there were no medical records that she had been pregnant in the past, however they had discovered records of 10 legal abortion.

Provincial court Judge Murray Thompson found that her children were probably born alive, however medical experts couldn’t work out how they died, as the bodies were too decomposed.

Judge Thompson said, “All of her actions lead to one conclusion: that Giesbrecht was aware that these children were likely to have been born alive and she wished to conceal the fact of their birth.

“The evidence leaves no doubt that she concealed her pregnancies and the resulting delivery of each of the six children.”

Giesbrecht is yet to be sentenced, and Judge Thompson has allowed her out on bail.

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