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Millions Rally for Women’s Marches globally

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Millions of people marched, protested and waved placards for Women’s Marches around the globe this weekend in a show of support for women’s rights.

It’s estimated that 500,000 people attended the Women’s March in Washington (making it twice the size of the inauguration crowd), while hundreds of smaller marches took place around the world. 

Some news outlets are speculating that the event will go down as one of the biggest in US history, and may even top the 1969 anti-Vietnam protest. In Washington the streets were so clogged that actually marching was almost impossible.

Celebrities – from Madonna to Scarlett Johansson – attended the marches. 

In Sydney the march (attended by marie claire) drew a crowd of 5000.

The marches were overwhelmingly violence-free – with most protestors choosing to convey their message through hilarious placards.

Here are some of our favourites below.

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