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You won’t believe how different the cast of The Project looked on their first episode

Now we feel old.

As unbelievable as it might seem, last night marked The Project’s 2000th episode. The show launched back in 2009, named The 7pm Project, and over its eight years it’s changed A LOT – in fact, a lot more than we realised.

To celebrate the milestone, Channel 10 shared the below throwback images from the show’s very first episode – and, as one commenter notes, the changes are commendable. It’s refreshing to see that the current line-up offers more analytical clout than the original comedian-dominated panel, and is decidedly more diverse (we’d love to see more women though!).

Carrie Bickmore is the only remaining original panelist, and has – as well as her co-host Waleed Aly – won a Gold Logie for her efforts.

While she’s at ease behind the desk now, those first few weeks were a very different story. “Before the first episode I remember wondering if my body would automatically tell me to keep breathing because I was so stressed out that I thought that I might actually have a panic attack or a heart attack live on air,” Bickmore told today.

“The only thing I remember is when the show ended, breathing out and hearing Dave Hughes say, ‘well, I think I just ended my career.’ I remember thinking, ‘shit, if Dave Hughes is saying that then what hope have I got?”

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