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Zoe Foster Blake Shares First Photo Of Sonny And Newborn Daughter Rudy

Can't. Deal. With. All. The. Cute!

Zoë Foster Blake just took to Instagram to share the very first photo of her newborn daughter Rudy with her adorable three-year-old son Sonny. 

The beauty guru captioned the gorgeous pic, which shows Sonny holding Rudy’s baby capsule, “We’re out! We’re citizens of the world again! I have shoes on!”

sonny foster blake rudy foster blake

Earlier this week, Zo took to Instagram to share the presents her friends had gotten her newborn daughter.

Alongside a photo of the present stack, the beauty guru, author and now fashion designer wrote:

“Maybe it’s cos I just finished The Handmaid’s Tale, or I’m feeling the privilege and responsibility entrusted to me to raise a self-assured, wholehearted woman, or maybe it’s just a spectacular lack of sleep, but the fact that my girlfriends have all given me adorably, pointedly feminist gifts for Rudy warms me to my milky, sloppy core…”

At a couple of weeks old, Rudy Hazel Blake has received a bundle of feminist books for children and a very covetable “The Future Is Female” onesie by Otherwild, who donate a portion of proceeds to Planned Parenthood in the US.

Foster Blake finished the post commenting: “Yknow, it’s funny, I don’t recall getting anything like this when I had a boy… #blessedbethefruit”

The photo was met by an influx of commenters saying they had just purchased all of the books for their daughter’s. While one follower suggested that Rudy’s big brother Sonny, could read the books to his little sister. Praise be!

Last week Foster Blake shared the first photo of her second child with husband Hamish Blake.

Before little Rudy’s arrival, Foster Blake shared a glimpse of her daughter’s nursery, featuring a feminine print by artist Caroline Walls.

If little girls like Rudy continue to grow up in encouraging and empowering environments, we’re sure the future will be female.

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