Pregnant Carrie Bickmore Reveals The Truth About Having A Baby At 37

As she prepares to welcome her third child
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As she prepares to welcome her third child, Carrie Bickmore is opening up about her growing family and embracing her ever-changing body.

The 37-year-old admits that being pregnant in her late thirties is challenging.

“My body certainly feels sorer and more tired this time around. Must be age!” Bickmore jokes during a new interview with Who for the Sexiest People special.

“I had Ollie in my 20s and it’s a different experience having a bub in my late 30s. When I had Evie, Ollie was 7 so I wasn’t having to carry him around, but this time round Evie is still little so it’s much harder looking after a toddler while I have limited movement!”

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Carrie and her husband Chris Walker already have a daughter Evie, and she also shares her firstborn son, Oliver Lange with her late husband Greg Lange. 

While the TV journalist usually shies away from discussing or posting about her relationship with Chris she did reveal that he’s eager to keep expanding their brood: “He’d have six kids if he had his way! He loves kids and loves watching them playing together,” she explains.

Carrie, who announced her pregnancy in June, confirmed the news with a touching video alongside her partner and two children whereby she has filmed herself telling her young daughter Evie, “there’s a baby in mum’s tummy!”

This article originally appeared on InStyle. 

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