Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Newest Project Is All About Female Empowerment

The couple are reportedly pitching a new TV series

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit from the royal family, the couple has been working on paving their new path in Hollywood. From appearing at Virtual Summit’s to talk about systematic racism to lending their voices to causes close to their hearts, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have begun dipping their toes into the entertainment world. 

Now, the couple are reportedly pitching a new series inspired by Meghan’s own experiences growing up biracial in Los Angeles. 

“They have suggested a series focusing on the empowerment of women and young girls in today’s world,” a source told The Mirror. “It will hone in on race issues, something Meghan has always been passionate about. It’s got quite a political stance and will also draw on feminism.”

While the series is based on Markle’s own experiences, it won’t be about her and Harry directly. 

“They want the series to continue their vision of empowerment for young people,” the source explained, adding that Harry and Meghan “will appear in it but it’s about ‘normal’ people, not them.”

No further details have been released, but a source told The Mirror that NBC is considering hearing the pitch. 

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Markle most recently teamed up with Michelle Obama for voter participation initiative, When We All Vote, appearing via Livestream for the ‘When All Women Vote #CouchParty’ virtual conference, to commemorate the centennial of the 19th amendment.  

Appearing alongside Obama’s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, actor and activist Yvette Nicole Brown, and famous DJ Diamond Kuts, Markle stressed the importance of women coming together, ensuring their voices are heard for this year’s U.S. Presidential election.

“When I think about voting and why this is so exceptionally important for all of us, I would frame it as We vote to honour those who came before us and to protect those who come after us,” Markle said.

She continued: “That’s what community is about and that is specifically what this election is all about. We’re only 75 days away from election day and that is so very close and yet there’s so much work to be done in that amount of time.”

“We all know what’s at stake this year. I know it. I think all of you know it if you’re here at this fun event here with us,” she added. “You’re just as mobilised and energised to be the change that we all need and deserve.”

Watch the clip below:

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