Who Is ‘Outlander’ Heartthrob Sam Heughan Dating?

He’ll always be ‘Jamie’ in our eyes.
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There’s no denying that when heartthrob Sam Heughan (a.k.a. Outlander’s Jamie Fraser) first graced our screens, the first question on everyone’s lips was, ‘Who is he?’, followed by, ‘Is he single?’.

Heughan has kept a relatively low profile about his love life, decidedly keeping any romantic interests out of the public spotlight. Yet, over time, a few paramours have been clear, from actress Amy Sheils to model Monika Clarke.

Despite his romances, in 2023, the Love Again star said that his life was not unlike that of his character in the movie (looking for love). Heughan is single once again and has never married, maintaining his space as one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors.

And yes, he is looking. In an interview with People, Heughan opened up about his search for love.

“I’ve done all of the gift-giving and turning up when least expected, but, so far, I’m still looking,” he said.

He has also mentioned that he is often in Scotland (up to 10 months a year) and travelling for work, which can get in the way of finding the ‘One’.

Here, we count down this hunky Scottish man’s relationship history, in the hope that he will eventually find his ‘Claire’.

Is Sam Heughan Dating Caitriona Balfe?

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Sam Heughan has worked with Irish actress and model Caitriona Balfe on Outlander for nearly a decade now, so it’s only fair that fans have often theorised about their relationship online.

Given the two play wildly in love pairing Claire and Jamie Fraser in the series, and their chemistry on screen is so palpable, many wondered if there wasn’t something going on behind closed doors.

However, the two co-stars have always maintained that they are just friends, and almost best friends at that. The pair attended the 2023 Austin Television Festival together, with Balfe explaining that when the show started they decided to always have “each other’s backs” and it’s been like that ever since.

“We like to be very prepared and focused but then we like to have a lot of fun. We like to not take ourselves too seriously even though we take the work seriously,” she said. Adding, “As our lives have gotten more complicated and busy, we may not see each other as much as we used to, but that core and that friendship and that base that we have has never changed.”

Balfe married her now husband, business magnate and music producer Tony McGill back in 2019.

Monika Clarke (2022)

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In 2022, Heughan was seen getting cosy with model Monika Clarke, grabbing lunch at a café in New York and even putting his arm around the brunette. Us Weekly reports that they were seen “packing on the PDA” afterwards. However, come 2023, he declared that he was still single.

Amy Shiels (2018-2021)

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US Weekly confirmed in 2018 that Heughan was dating Twin Peaks actress Amy Shiels, although neither openly confirmed the union at the time. The Irish actress did come close though, liking a tweet that said she and Heughan make a “beautiful couple” like “Brangelina”. She was also spotted at premieres of his work, including the LA premiere of his movie The Spy Who Dumped Me.

Mackenzie Mauzy (2016-2018)

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Marie Claire first reported Mauzy and Heughan’s connection, when they attended an Oscar party together in 2017. Mauzy, an actress on The Bold And The Beautiful, was also papped with Heughan’s arm around her on multiple occasions while out in New York City.

However, Mauzy appears to have a new beau, marrying lacrosse player Scott Ratliff.

Cody Kennedy (2014-2015)

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It’s alleged that Sam Heughan dated actress, writer and model Cody Kennedy for a four months in 2014, but not much is known about their union. Kennedy once posted that Scottish men were better than American men, which was believed to be in relation to Heughan’s Scottish roots.

Abbie Salt (2014)

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Heughan was briefly linked to actress Abbie Salt, but it doesn’t appear that their connection lasted long. Abbie got engaged to another man 2022.

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