The Cliffhanger Ending Of Netflix’s ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season Two Explained

Our Serenity trio left a lot unanswered.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers to season 2 of Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias

A long 21 months ago, Sweet Magnolias aired its first season finale—and left us screaming at our screens, “Who was in the car?!”.

Now, the cult-favourite Netflix original has finally returned for its second season, with Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue bringing us (mentally) back to the sweet Southern town of Serenity.

And while our most burning questions from Sweet Magnolias‘ first season were answered, by the time we reached the season’s end, fans were left just as confused from the next cliffhanger ending.

In season two, Maddie was dealt even more blows following the car crash, which saw her sons Ty and Kyle sent to hospital. For Ty, an injury to his arm saw his baseball career put to the side and Kyle, he endured a long recovery after the crash. But for Maddie, it was also her new partner Cal—and his penchant for anger—who left her stressed. For Helen, tender topics around fertility and a lie she told her long-term love Ryan come back to haunt her, while Dana Sue discovers Isaac’s birth parents and rekindles with her former flame, Ronnie—all while dealing with a stalker.

Naturally, that major cliffhanger in the final episode left fans scrambling for answers and hoping for a third season to find out what happens next. 

Below, we explain what the Sweet Magnolias season 2 ending actually meant, and whether a third season is on the way.

Sweet Magnolias Season 2
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What happened at the end of Sweet Magnolias season 2?

Throughout the second season, it seemed as if Cal and Maddie’s relationship was unbreakable. But by the end of the season, there was trouble in paradise.

Cal’s former anger issues came to the surface, continuing to have trouble keeping his temper throughout the season. However, it all came to a head in the finale when an obsessive fan rocked up at Sullivan’s, and Cal punched him.

For Bill Townsend, Maddie’s ex-husband, he discovers that he is actually the father of Isaac. On the hunt for his birth parents, Isaac discovers that his biological mother was a local journalist named Peggy, while his father was Bill, who had a brief fling with Peggy before he chose to make a life with his childhood sweetheart, Maddie.

Making matters worse, Bill’s ex-girlfriend, Noreen, gave birth to their daughter, Rebecca, and decided to move in with Isaac.

Sweet Magnolias Season 2
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For Bill and Maddie’s children, they had love-riddled backstories of their own. Kyle finally finds the courage to ask Nellie (Jackson’s sister) on a date. However, Nellie declines because her mother, Mary Vaughn, won’t allow her. Their mother also doesn’t let Jackson date Annie, but he tells her that he’ll defy his parents just to be with her. Then, of course, Ty is dealing with life without baseball while also harbouring feelings for Annie. 

Then there’s Helen, the second member of the Serenity trio. After miscarrying early in the season, she opts for IVF treatment which leads her to experience dips in emotional and physical health. During this, her ex-partner Ryan returns to attend the funeral of his aunt, Miss Frances, and ends up back in Helen’s life.

For Dana Sue, she’s been enduring massive life changes of her own. Upon Miss Frances’ death, she finds out that she has been left a rather hefty sum from the will, leaving her to figure out why. With her love life, Dana Sue and her estranged husband, Ronnie, reunite after they split due to his infidelity. But it’s the final moments of the episode that left fans the most confused.

At the wake, a woman confronts Annie, aggressively telling her that her mother is a “life ruiner”. Later, that same woman can be seen on camera puncturing the tyres of the Sullivan’s company van. Strange, no?

Sweet Magnolias Season 2
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Sweet Magnolias season 2 ending explained

After lashing out on a fan at Sullivan’s, Cal gets into deeper trouble with Mary on his trail. Offended that Cal has been favouring Maddie’s son, Ty, over hers as their baseball coach, the last straw was when Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue campaign to have the mayor (her husband) recalled. In retaliation, Mary digs up dirt on Cal’s anger management issues, and in conjunction with the altercation, he is fired from the high school and is seemingly arrested. So not only is his career hanging on by a thread, but so is his relationship with Maddie who dislikes his violent nature.

For Helen, her love life has left her in shambles. With Ryan confessing that he wants her back, he also admits that he hasn’t put her through enough, declaring that he finally wants to start a family with her. Of course, this poses an issue after Helen never told Ryan about her miscarriage and fertility issues, as well as her new relationship with Erik.

Sweet Magnolias Season 2
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But in the last few minutes of the episode, Erik is trying to frantically reach Helen as Cal is being arrested but she’s distracted by Ryan proposing to her outside of The Corner Spa. Who will she choose? Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

As for Dana Sue, her predicaments end with a huge question mark looming over them. Unsure of why Miss Frances left her so much money, fans also never have the question answered for them. But the more pressing issue in Dana Sue’s life is the mystery stalker who’s hot on her trail.

After intimidating her daughter and ruining her company van, Dana Sue shows the absurd footage of the woman to Maddie and Helen. The three all recognise her, worryingly glance at each other and announce that “she’s back”.

But who’s this infamous ‘she’? Well, the ladies may know but fans won’t find out until next season.

Sweet Magnolias Season 2
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Will there be a third season of Sweet Magnolias?

Speaking of, Sweet Magnolias has not been renewed for a third season by Netflix yet. However, given its immediate rise to the top trending spot on the streaming platform, we’re hedging bets that we can expect to see a third instalment of the Serenity ladies.

Besides, after all these cliffhanger endings, open plot holes and that proposal, there’s no way our questions will go unanswered. And fans are almost certain that a third season announcement is looming around the corner.

In the meantime, you can sip margaritas and re-watch Sweet Magnolias on Netflix here. If you’re looking to start a new show in a similar vein, check out our list of recommendations here.

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