A Thorough (And Very Important) Explanation About The Ending Of ‘Virgin River’ Season 4

It's not a 'Virgin River' finale without a couple of bombshells.
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Warning: The following story contains major spoilers about Virgin River season 4.

The allure of Virgin River is undeniable—it’s like a warm embrace, only instead of coming away from it with a sense of calmness and peace, we also have at least 20 questions that demand answers immediately. 

The release of its fourth season on Netflix in July was no different. Mere days after it dropped, the show reached the number one most-watched slot due to some swift binge-watching from die-hard fans. And it didn’t disappoint—we finally got answers to the multitude of questions leftover from season three. From finding out who the real father of Mel’s baby was (Jack!) to Hope’s fate (she lives!), the revelations were rife. But like all good TV shows, its answers didn’t outweigh the additional questions we had come the new season finale. 

This time around, we’ve got a potential love triangle, a mystery father, a troubling diagnosis and a protentional run-in with the law—below, we explain the ending of Virgin River, season four.

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Virgin River Season 4 ending explained

Season four revealed that Jack is the father of Mel’s baby, which was an exciting high to end the season on. But things take another turn when they find Jack’s pregnant ex-Charmaine lying on the floor in pain. There, she tells them that Jack isn’t the father of her unborn twins, despite previously telling them he was. 

So, who is the father of Charmaine’s twins?

While we’ll have to wait until season five to confirm, evidence thus far points to Mike or Todd as the potential fathers. 

The Mike theory is a little more left of field given that as far as we know, he’s had no romantic connection to Charmaine. That said, his decision to stick around Virgin River seems a little suspicious. Is it to help raise his children with Charmaine? 

Meanwhile, Todd is also a clear frontrunner due to the fact that he and Charmaine have actually dated. And while the timelines of their relationship don’t match up going by what they’ve said, there’s every chance Charmaine lied about when she first started seeing Todd—she lied so easily about Jack, after all. 

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What’s going on with Mel and Cameron? 

Mel and Jack finally seemed to be in a good place by the end of season four, but there’s no denying the chemistry between Mel and Virgin River’s new doctor Cameron. It may throw a spanner in the works for Jack in season five… 

What will happen to Denny after his Huntington’s Disease diagnosis? 

Denny’s confession to Lizzie about his Huntington’s Disease diagnosis was heartbreaking, and it raised questions about his future in Virgin River. 

The disease is a rare, inherited illness that causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain.

It can cause a wide range of symptoms that impact movement, thinking and psych, including memory lapses, depression and clumsiness.

Season five will reveal how badly the disease has impacted Doc. 

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What will happen to Jack now that Melissa’s real identity has been outed?

The season finale also dropped a major bombshell about crime boss Melissa Montgomery, who is actually the sister of  Jack’s glamping business investor, Nick.

What’s more, someone snapped pictures of Jack and Mel talking in a parking lot—albeit unwillingly, Jack now looks like he’s involved himself in criminal activity, and this almost certainly means his business will take a hit. 

Did Vince die?

We finally saw an end to Vince’s chokehold after Preacher knocked him out before he could kill Paige. But the episode ended before we found out if Vince was alive, or just unconscious. What we do know is that Paige and Preacher are safe (for now), though there’s still the question as to who will be blamed for Wes’ death. 

Yes, the questions are abundant, but lucky for us, season five has already been signed and sealed by Netflix, so expect detailed answers when it’s eventually released. Although be warned: it’ll undoubtedly raise even more questions. The cycle continues… 

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