5 ways we show appreciation to our mothers year round

From family Zoom calls to home cooked meals.

For most of us, our mothers deserve to be showered in appreciation every single day, though we don’t always show it. Sometimes it’s nice to pause, reflect, and show her how much we truly care.

Whether that’s with her favourite flowers, a thoughtful gift, or quality time, how we celebrate looks different to everyone. Here the marie claire team share the unique and special ways they appreciation their maternal figures year round. 

Diandra Malivindi, digital beauty writer
Growing up in an Italian household, feeding your loved ones is considered a love language—and my Mum is the embodiment of that. Ever since childhood, my favourite memories with Mum were witnessing the love she poured (and still pours) into nourishing and caring for her family. Every single night, we’d have a delicious—yes, I’m biased— home cooked meal that was prepared with love and eaten all together around the dinner table, bonding over our days. So, this Mother’s Day, we’re treating Mum to a gorgeous lunch at which ever restaurant she’s got her eye on, and of course, a glass of wine (or two).

Kayla Wratten, senior commercial editor
Every now and then, my Mum and I try to carve out some one-on-one bonding time. Lately, we’ve been unwinding on the balcony of our family home at sunset, catching up over a glass of wine. I feel so fortunate to have a Mum who doubles as a best friend, trusted advice-giver, and a constant guide through life. This Mother’s Day, I’m planning to treat her to an at-home high tea, complete with handwritten menus, homemade macarons, and a bottle of our favourite wine: Peter Lehmann’s Portrait Grenache Rosé. I’m hoping the familiar taste of fresh strawberries and raspberries will remind her of our new mother-daughter ritual. 

Peter Lehmann Rose
Peter Lehmann’s Portrait Grenache Rosé is the ultimate balance of vibrant fruit, sweetness, and natural acidity.

For me, sharing a bottle of rosé with my Mum isn’t just about enjoying a beautiful glass of wine; it’s about creating memories together and taking the time to enjoy each other’s company. I love the Portrait Grenache Rosé as it has vibrant red berry flavours and a fresh, crisp and dry finish. Plus, the lovely pink hue and floral aromas make it the perfect drop for Mother’s Day.

Alex Bruce-Smith, digital editor
My mum lives overseas at the moment, so celebrating Mother’s Day in person is unfortunately not an option! Instead, we’ll do what we can to make it a special one: time a Zoom call with all the kids, send her a bunch of her favourite flowers (yellow roses), and look forward to next year when—fingers crossed—we can celebrate in the same place again. Not being able to hop on a plane as easily in recent years has only made us appreciate that quality in-person time even more; hopefully next year’s Mother’s Day we’ll all be on the same soil.

Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber
Celebrity mothers are no different. Here, model and actress Cindy Crawford is pictured with her daughter Kaia Gerber.

Jess Pullar, senior lifestyle writer
When I moved from New Zealand to Australia, I had to accept I’d spend a bunch of Mother’s Days missing my Mum. It could’ve been a sad story (my Mum and I are super close), but somehow, it’s made our whole family appreciate it even more. Every Mother’s Day, I hassle my brothers (one is also overseas) until they get in on a group video chat with Mum and Dad so we can all chat together. It’s not much, but it means a lot to all of us. Oh, and a big bunch of flowers to her doorstep never goes amiss either!


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