Little Acts Of Love To Show Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

Small gestures guaranteed to make a big impact.

Grand gestures and bold declarations of love can be great… but sometimes, it’s the smallest actions that speak the loudest.

The most everyday of moments – a note of thanks or a memory-evoking meal – can go a long way in making our loved ones feel appreciated.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating those little acts of love with small gestures guaranteed to make a big impact.

Dinner for two

A Valentine’s Day dinner date doesn’t have to be at a restaurant. Cook your special someone a fancy meal using their favourite ingredients in a true labour of love.

Pair with their favourite wine or try your hand at creating a signature cocktail for a truly gourmet experience.

A few cleverly placed candles, a romantic Spotify playlist and a fancy dress code can turn a regular night in into one to remember.

A gift as unique as your love

Pandora padlock and key charm

A Valentine’s Day gift should be as personal and unique as your relationship. Pandora’s Valentine’s Day collection features a two-part Padlock and Key dangle charm, designed to capture and keep close the special emotions and memories you share with your partner. Wear the pieces together, or split them up and give the key to your heart to a special someone.

Pandora Timeless Wishbone rings in sterling silver, 14k gold or rose-gold plated unique metal blend can be styled individually or stacked together for the ultimate expression of love and style.  And for the first time, the Pandora Moments Heart T-Bar Snake Chain Bracelet  is available in 14k gold plating for a new twist on a classic accessory.

The most beautiful memories can be captured and shared with a gift that can be worn every day, guaranteed to be treasured for years to come.

Say it with words

Sometimes, simply telling someone you love them can mean the most of all. A random text during the day that says, ‘thank you for all you do for me’, or a hand-written card can bring an instant smile to your partner’s face.

Make a list of all the things you love about your partner, or tell them how special they make you feel and why you fell in love with them with a surprise note slipped into their bag.

First date: take two

Pandora Valentine's Day couple

No matter if your first date was weeks or decades ago, reminding your partner of the very first time you were together is a simple way to remind them of why they are so special.

Whether it be a movie night in with popcorn and snacks, a sunset picnic in the park or drinks at a trendy wine bar, recreating the magic of your first date may just bring the butterflies you felt back then fluttering back.

A relationship is made up of small but significant moments, so this Valentine’s Day make sure to remind your loved one of the ways they make you feel special each and every day.

Sponsored by Pandora.

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