These Are The Two Most Popular Baby Names In NSW From 2016

And they're surprisingly similar...
These Are The Two Most Popular Baby Names In NSW From 2016
The NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages is preparing to release their list of Top 10 Names of last year in April - but they've decided to give us a teaser. 
As it turns out, the name Oliver is the most popular boy's name again for the third year running. 
Meanwhile, Olivia is the most popular girl's name, which is interesting given how similar they both are!
Alana Sheil, Acting Registrar released a statement about the list, explaining the reasons behind the trends.
"When you look to the meaning of names, Oliver and Olivia are often linked to peace,” Ms Sheil said.
“Traditional names, popular 100 years ago, are back in fashion. However, names come and go in cycles between generations.”
“Thirty years ago it was Joshua and Jessica, and their parents could have been Michael and Michelle. These days you’re more likely to be a Charlotte or Jack.”
She added that choosing names for your child is one of the most important decisions you can make!
“Whether you go with popular name trends or opt for something unique, remember your child will likely carry their name for life so it’s important to choose wisely.”