10 beauty rules marie claire editors regularly break

Guilty as charged

Confession: we don’t always practice what we preach. Not because we don’t fervently believe in the expert beauty tips, hacks and tricks we’re taught by skincare, make-up and haircare professionals, but because sometimes, life gets in the way. And bad habits are hard to break.

Plus, we’re all for following a beauty regimen that’s completely tailored to you. So if that means skipping conditioner because it weighs your fine hair down, to hell with the rulebook! Below, your sneak peek into the beauty rules we – ssshh! – don’t always follow – and the failsafe alternatives we swear by instead.

1/ Taming brows with hairspray

“I have tried almost every clear brow gel in existence, but for me, nothing does the job like a spritz of hairspray on a spoolie brush. I find most gels leave too much product on my brows and have a finish that’s too shiny for my liking, but hairspray invisibly keeps wayward strays in place all day.” Anna McClelland, branded content editor.

2/ Using products beyond their intended use

“When I don’t have dry shampoo I use baby powder to absorb oil. Sometimes I fill in my whole lips with lip liner if I really want a colour to stick. I wear lipstick as blush and eyeshadow when I want just a little colour.” Brittany Henderson, content editor, Styledby marie claire.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Hollywood Honey, $35.

3/ Only refreshing hair colour every 12 weeks

“As, ahem, a non-natural blonde, and someone who hates going to the hairdresser and forking out $400, my hairdresser and I devised a plan that means I only have to get a full colour every 12 weeks. So every 6 weeks I just pop in for what he calls a “refresher,” which is basically a toner to brighten up the colour and takes a fraction of the time and is a fraction of the price. If you want a solid head of foils and colour this probably isn’t for you, my hairdresser does free-hand balayage so the roots grow out more naturally, but it’s a much more time and cost-effective way to still be a blonde.” Jessica Bosco, digital content editor

4/ Applying concealer before foundation

“I always apply concealer before foundation, I find it too obvious if I apply concealer over the top of my foundation.” Tara Morris, market editor.

5/ Applying foundation without a brush

“I apply foundation with my fingers – mainly because I’m lazy but I also feel like that way my skin absorbs it better.” Brittany Henderson

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, $54.

6/ Skipping hair cuts

“The ‘rule’ is to get hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks, but I only get my hair cut twice a year. I know it’s wrong (I know it!) and I have no good reason why I don’t go more often, but I just don’t. Luckily my hairdresser, Barney Martin, is an ace with my hair type (fine, frizzy and ugh) and his cuts manage to retain their shape until my next chop.” Sherine Youssef, executive beauty editor.

7/ Neglecting to contour

“I know it’s my one chance to look like I have cheekbones to rival Bella Hadid’s, but I have never, ever tried contouring. And I have no intention to. I’m with Bobbi Brown on this one – a fresh-faced, natural look beats a heavy-handed contour any day.” Anna McClelland

8/ Never, ever moisturising

“I am pretty religious when it comes to looking after the skin on my face, but I’m hopeless when it comes to my body. I will *always* opt for 5 minutes extra sleep over the time it takes to moisturise. But as a compromise, in the shower I use a cleansing oil (or pop a few drops in if I’m having a bath), so I figure at least I’m locking in some moisture somewhere.” Jessica Bosco

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9/ Skipping conditioner

“I often skip conditioner as it weighs down my hair (I also feel like this is terribly French of me, which is always a good excuse). Brittany Henderson

10/ Ditching heat spray

“A little while ago I stopped using heat spray before blow-drying my hair, because laziness. But I don’t recommend it! In the last few weeks I’ve noticed frizz where I had none. I always comb Ouai hair oil through damp mid-lengths to ends to avoid dryness, but it’s definitely time to rekindle my relationship with heat-protectant too. Woops.” Anna McClelland

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