10 Celebrities That Rock Strawberry Blonde

When orange and gold mix, it's magic!

Zoe Kazan

The actress, playwright and ambassador of all things quirky and cute is chief when it comes to flaunting textured curls with that luscious, amber hair.

Nicole Kidman

She may not always be able to clap her hands in a customary fashion, but she does swimmingly well to don the strawberry blonde with poise.

Leslie Mann

America’s funny girl often steals the show in comedic films but that rusty-honey mane definitely steals our hearts.

Rachel McAdams

Queen of cinema (and our souls), McAdams does well with parading that smart and tawny cropped-cut.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Victoria Secret model, part-time actress and soon-to-be mother looks magnificent no matter what, but that chic, treacle-tinge takes magnificent to a whole new level.

Bella Thorne

Bella has honoured the golden tussles from her Disney days and although she has now moved to the ‘dark side’, there is no harm in paying our respects to her warm, maple era.

Julia Roberts

All hail Roberts and those juicy, autumnal locks! We needn’t say more.

Evan Rachel Wood

The star of the television series revamp of the 70s film ‘Westworld’, and musician with eclectic allure, couples the a pixie cut with a gloriously balmy hair tone.

Cate Blanchett

Our national treasure, our emblem of elegance, our royal Lady of Hollywood just exudes sophistication with her gentle, citrus-blonde.

Claire Danes

I’m sure that it can be agreed upon that, Danes has mastered that perfect equilibrium between red and blonde. Well-done Danes. Well-done.

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