7 Brow Transformations You Need To See To Believe

Eyebrow magic
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If eyes are considered the window to the soul, then eyebrows are the frames. Eyebrows can completely change the shape and expression of your face, so it makes sense to devote special attention to their appearance.

Eyebrow trends come and go: unplucked, thick, pencil-thin. But one thing your eyebrows should always be, is complementary to your face and its structure. There’s any number of serums, powders and procedures to help you achieve your perfect brow, from tints and gels all the way through to the latest beauty craze, feather-touch tattooing.

On the hunt for brow inspo? Take a look at the below make-overs that have transformed brows from meek to fleek!

1. Amy Jean Eye Couture

Amy Jean’s clientele includes Chloe Morello, Anna Heinrich and Danni Minogue. Her famous feather-touch brow tattooing takes these brows from zero to hero.

2. Anastasia of Beverly Hills

Anastasia’s Dipbrow Pomade is a cult beauty favourite, and transforms these brows from barely-there to bold.

3. Kristin Fisher Eyebrows

These brows experienced a true metamorphosis under the skilled hand of cosmetic tattooer, Kristin Fisher, who brings new life to them with revitalised shape and definition.

4. Benefit

Benefit Cosmetics have a whole host of waxes, pencils and gels that can help you achieve a full and fluffy power-brow.

5. The Eyebrow Doctor

No canvas is too difficult for this New York based specialist! The Eyebrow Doctor gave this client subtle, natural arches.

6. Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee used a triple-layer tattooing method to achieve these natural looking brows.

7. Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist

Melanie Marris uses dye and skillful-shaping to create the ultimate statement brows!

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