A New Study Reveals Just How Much We Spend On Our Appearance

The figure will shock you

From luxe bronzer to the occasional jab of Botox, every women invests in her appearance to some extent, but we had no idea how much we were actually splashing out.

A new study by Groupon has revealed that women in the UK are spending $AU112,169.15 (to be precise!) on average on their appearances in a lifetime, the Independent reports. The biggest spending is on make-up – and that’s a lot of lippy.

Although the six-figure investment seems far out, it breaks down to $2157 a year, or $180 a month. But when you consider your gym membership, manis, pedis, facials, the odd spray tan and that latest age-reversing wonder serum you just had to have – it doesn’t seem so mad.

The survey interviewed 1000 women. It also sheds light on going under the knife, with 23 per cent of women considering cosmetic surgery in order to maintain their youthfulness. On the other hand, 67 per cent of us are happy to consider non-invasive treatments.

The one thing the study undoubtedly proves? Despite the hashtag, the vast majority of us did not #wakeuplikethis.

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