Anne Hathaway’s Hack For Plumper Lips Is So Cheap & Easy

A close up of anne hathaway at the 2023 cfda awards. She looks toward the camera,smiling slightly with her brown hair loose around her shoulders and a large diamond necklace on
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When Anne Hathaway offers up beauty advice, we listen.

Having spent two decades in the makeup chair for red carpets, films and photoshoots, the actress has most certainly picked up some tips and tricks along the way. And luckily for us, she is more than happy to share them.

In her third-ever TikTok video, filmed on set of a Shiseido campaign, the 41-year-old offered up a hack for achieving plumper lips.

After Hathaway commented that her top lip looked a little “wilted,” makeup artist Adir Abergel provided her with a hairpin. The actor then began tapping away at her top lip with the hair tool, which she says helps to “stimulate” the lip to “get some blood back in there and get the circulation going,” which gives a pluming effect.

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Hathaway did warn that you can push too hard, though—so go gently or you may “draw blood.”

She also clarified that she used a hairpin and not a bobby pin, which is an important distinction. Where bobby pins tend to be small and feature a bump side, hairpins have more distance in the middle of them and are a more elongated, U shape.

Is this the beginning of Hathaway’s beauty influencer era? We sure hope so!

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