Asher Keddie Shares Her Logies Behind-The-Scenes Snaps

A sneak peek into the prep and partying

Offspring star Asher Keddie knows the Logies better than most – she’s won the Best Actress award a staggering five consecutive times for her portrayal of neurotic obstetrician Nina Proudman, picking up multiple nominations for her work in Love My Way, Underbelly, Party Tricks and Paper Giants before that.

The prolific Australian actor shared her behind-the-scenes photos from the 2017 Logies with marie claire, talked us through her dress (a stunning Rebecca Vallance design) and why this year’s awards were more fun than most.

Getting ready with make-up artist Andrea Black.
ALL the make-up.

How did you feel in your Rebecca Vallance gown?

I felt fabulous in Rebecca’s gown. Elegant, timeless, yet modern, it was a pleasure, and effortless to wear.

How many fittings did you have?

I had no fittings! It slipped on effortlessly, perfectly fitting my body. 

Red carpet arrivals.
Detail of hair by Kieren Street.

You often wear black to the Logies (2011, 2012, 2014.) Why is that?

Black is timeless, flattering and chic. I love colour too, it’s just always about the design for me. 

Was there anything about your outfit that fans might not have noticed? 

Because the gown was black, it may not have been noticeable just how expertly tailored it was. That’s the key to a truly beautiful gown, and allows the wearer relaxation and confidence, which is always attractive!

With the cast of Offspring.

What did you do after the Logies?

For the first of many years I wasn’t scheduled to work the following morning, so I enjoyed my opportunity to celebrate with friends. It was a great evening. 

With husband Vincent Fantauzzo.

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