Balenciaga Has Released A $225 Scrunchie For People Who Really Miss The ‘90s

But this is so much more than a scrunchie

ICYMI, scrunchies are back – and now Balenciaga has sealed the deal with a design that turns the primary school basic into a little piece of luxury.

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The Balenciaga scrunchie, mind you, isn’t just any scrunchie: for starters, it’s made from lambskin leather (no garish floral fabrics here), is embossed in gold or silver with the Balenciaga logo and made in Italy – presumably in a historic town fabled for its scrunchie manufacture.

balenciaga scrunchie
(Credit: Balenciaga)
balenciaga leather scrunchie bracelet
(Credit: Balenciaga)

Perhaps to justify the exorbitant price tag, Balenciaga is pretending its scrunchie is a bracelet – albeit one that is “hair scrunchies inspired”. Officially named the Chouchou bracelet, it’s designed to be worn on the wrist (where the scrunchies of old would often end up when we took our ponytails out) and comes in blue, pink or yellow.

Obviously, the only question we have now is which colour to invest in.

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