The Busy Girl’s Guide To Get Your Skin’s Glow Back

You glow, girl.

With cold, dark days spent working from home, and nights locked indoors due to city-wide shutdowns, the 2021 winter months felt a little longer than usual.

So, it’s understandable that coming into summer, our skin might not be feeling (or looking) as fresh as we’d like.

With venues back open and our end-of-year social calendars filling up fast, it’s time to hit ‘refresh’ on our faces and get back that healthy glow.

And yes, it’s possible to do it quickly.

Start with the basics

skincare serum

Preparation is key when it comes to getting healthy, glowing skin – a routine that nails the basics means most of the hard work is done before you even finish your morning cup of coffee.

Dirt, oil and leftover makeup can leave our skin looking dull, so use a cleanser to strip away the bad stuff morning and night – and a gentle exfoliant a few times a week to scrub away dead cells and restore the skin’s surface.

Then, put hydration back into the equation, with moisturisers and serums formulated with ingredients that give your face back it’s radiance. Try products containing hyaluronic acid, which keeps skin hydrated all day and instantly plumps fine lines for younger, healthier looking skin and vitamin C, which promotes the production of collagen, fades pigmentation, and improves radiance.

Try a face-refreshing laser treatment

Clear + Brilliant laser treatment

Yes, a laser treatment that can refresh skin tone and texture and requires minimal to no downtime actually exists.

It’s called Clear + Brilliant – a gentle laser (some even call it an introductory laser) to treat the early signs of ageing and refresh skin from the inside out, by replacing damaged skin with healthy, younger-looking tissue.

Treatment can take as little as 15 minutes – which means it’s perfect to schedule in for a mid-week lunchbreak. And while other laser treatments can come with side effects that require days out of the social scene, Clear + Brilliant is gentle enough to get back to business quickly.

Within days, skin can look visibly illuminated, with a softer, smoother texture – and look more naturally radiant and glowing, with the best results achieved after four to six treatments.

Plus, the Clear + Brilliant Perméa goes one step further – enhancing skin permeability, which means topical skincare products work even better immediately after treatment.

Give your beauty bag a glow-up

bronzing powder makeup and highlighter

Of course, when it comes to getting that lit-from-within glow, a little help from our makeup bag doesn’t go astray.

Adding a few drops of an illuminising liquid highlighter into your foundation can go a long way to boosting your skin’s radiance – just blend with a brush or beauty sponge for a perfectly natural finish.

Then, add a few swipes of glowing bronzer or shimmering highlighter to the places on your face the light will naturally bounce off – think your cheekbones, brow bone, the bridge of your nose and your chin – and it’s time to ready, set, glow.

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Clear + Brilliant is not suitable for all patients. Please consult your practitioner to see if Clear + Brilliant is suitable for you.

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