Betina Goldstein’s At-Home Guide For Your Most Beautiful Hands And Nails Yet

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If you don’t recognise the name Betina Goldstein, chances are high you’d recognise her hands.

The L.A based nail artist is the woman and genius behind the most intricate, inspiring and stylish nail designs to have ever blessed our Instagram feeds.

And while every delicate manicure she creates is different, one thing always remains the same: her hands and nails are immaculate.

The key? She treats the skin on her hands just as well as one treats the skin on their face.

Sharing her best hand and nail care tips via Chanel’s Instagram Beauty Community, @welovecoco, Goldstein has revealed the facial-like steps she takes before painting; including using a toner and face scrub on her cuticles…

Step 1: Shape your nails into a ‘rounded square’

Goldstein’s signature nail shape is a ‘rounded square’. She says this makes nail beds look longer, as traditional square or round shapes can make them appear shorter. 

“I begin by tapering the sides with my nail file, then I work my way to the top, angling my file to curve the edges.”

Goldstein recommends using a 180-20 grit file, noting that the higher the grit is, the smoother the file will look or feel.

Step 2: Soften your cuticles with toner

To make cuticle care a little easier, Goldstein suggests softening the area first, using none other than a face toner. 

“Apply Le Tonique ($56, at the base of your nails to soften the cuticle,” she said. “This way you don’t need to use too much force when pushing them back,” which she does gently with a metal or wooden cuticle pusher.

Step 3: Use your nail buffer to smooth cuticles

Cuticle trimming is often best left to the experts to avoid going overboard. 

Instead, Goldstein has a safe and gentle option that will work for all skill levels.

“Gently buff over [your cuticles] in a circular motion using a nail buffer, leaving a clean and smooth surface.”

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Step 4: Exfoliate around your nails and knuckles

To remove any remaining dead skin, Goldstein suggests following with a scrub.

“Apply an exfoliator on your hands and massage in a circular motion, making sure to exfoliate around your nails and knuckles,” she instructed.

Step 5: Try an overnight hand mask

For extra dry cuticles and hands, Goldstein’s go-to is an overnight hand treatment.

“Using a heavy moisturiser or a hydrating face mask, massage into your hands, pressing the product into your nails,” she said. “Apply cotton gloves and leave overnight.”

hand cream

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