Blake Lively Just Made A Rather Shocking Confession About Her Hair

Say what, Blake?

Blake Lively is *the* definition of hair goals. Ever since she strutted into our lives as ‘It’ girl Serena Van Der Woodsen on Gossip Girl we’ve been longing for long luscious locks just like hers.

But it turns out one of her biggest hair moments, one everyone praised as the new trend in hair colour, was actually nothing more than a little laziness on Blake’s part.

“I just didn’t really feel like [dyeing] it,” she told Cosmopolitan US of the “tortoise-shell” colour she was rocking in 2014 when she was pregnant with daughter James.

Blake Lively

“I thought, I’m pregnant, I get to be selfish and not be vain, and I’m just gonna let my hair grow. And then I think people thought I was trying to do a thing with it [during] my first pregnancy. So I had, like, 5-inch roots and then blonde hair. Everyone thought it was a choice. It was not a choice. They called it tortoise hair or something?”

“It was not intentional — the thing is, we didn’t want people to know we were pregnant, so [they] didn’t know for seven months. Nobody had seen my hair in, like, five months, so [to everyone,] it was just one day, I went from being blonde to having 5-inch roots, and [people] thought, Oh, that was a cool rock ’n’ roll choice, but it was just pure laziness.”

Blake is back rocking a lighter shade of blonde these days, and yep still #hairgoals no matter what she does…

Blake Lively

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