Carrie Bickmore’s Fake Tan Fail Has Filled Us With Fear

Please, never let this happen to us

In case you didn’t get a postcard, Carrie Bickmore has been holidaying in Japan these past few weeks – and like so many of us, she booked a pre-trip spray tan to get that annual leave glow.

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Unluckily for Carrie, the end result wasn’t quite as flawless as she hoped. Luckily for us, she shared her fake tan faux pas on Instagram:

“Spray tan fail! Got a spray tan before my holiday and fell asleep with my hand on my arm!” Carrie captioned the post. “Anyway back home and back to being white in winter.”

As someone who is yet to book a spray tan on a day when it doesn’t end up bucketing down (trying to get home in the pouring rain with freshly sprayed pins never ends well), I feel Carrie’s pain.

But there is a better way. To ensure you never have to experience the special kind of hell only a bad fake tan can induce, simply follow the below foolproof tips:

1/ Ensure your face still looks natural by rubbing a cotton bud along your hairline and eyebrows to avoid obvious product build-up (and always go one to two shades lighter than your body when tanning your face).

2/ Post-spray tan, drink through a straw to avoid water damage around your lips.

3/ Gently wipe down fingers and toes immediately after tan application to avoid obvious product build-up around your nails.

4/ Wax your legs before your spray tan to nix the need for shaving, which can wear your tan away quicker. Just make sure you book all waxing at least two days before your tan.

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