Chanel Releases Makeup For Guys

Chanel is set to launch Boy de Chanel, a new makeup collection for men.

If you think your guy could do with a little self-improvement, Chanel has just released its first men’s makeup line so that he can polish up in style, without looking one bit made up.

Chanel Boy de Chanel
(Credit: Boy de Chanel)

The collection includes three products, including a long-wear SPF 20 foundation (boasting a finish so natural we might just use it on our own skin), a lip balm, which gives 8 hours worth of hydration and a manly matte finish, and a water-proof eyebrow pencil that fills in brows for a super masculine finish.

The slick matte black packaging will ensure even the toughest man will happily add this new collection into their bathroom cabinet. (Hopefully it will mean an end to our guy stealing our lip balm and tinted moisturiser too.)

The collection will be available online from November 2018 and in CHANEL boutiques from January 2019.

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