Need A New Lipstick? Meet Chanel’s New Rouge Coco Bloom

Lily-Rose Depp launches the new lipstick collection with luxe touches to make you swoon

There is the saying that in times of crisis, women buy lipstick. But when we live in an era of plenty, when there have never been so many beauty products to choose from, I question whether this statement still holds. Because with all that’s on offer, we could also go out and buy an eye cream, an at-home LED or a niacinamide serum to ward off the stress of a world gone mad.

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Here, Lily-Rose Depp takes us behind CHANEL’s closed lab doors to discover the making of the collection’s standout shade, Alive, a fiery red – “I love makeup and lipstick so much. So being here today in CHANEL’s makeup lab to see how Rouge Coco Bloom is made is an amazing opportunity, let’s go!”

But then there is a Chanel lipstick, and when you have one in your hand (or in your virtual cart), it is impossible not to be tempted. Especially when you’re deciding about a new collection from a fashion house that has made putting on lipstick into an art form.

The new Rouge Coco Bloom collection boasts an innovative and unique formula created by the house’s research lab in Japan. Take it from the face (and lips) of the campaign, Lily-Rose Depp, who says it’s the lipstick’s “mixture of pigments, mother-of-pearl, oils, and moisturising ingredients” that achieves the lipstick trifecta: rich colour, staying power and standout shine. This new collection promises a formula that not only locks in colour but also delivers shine and impressive (natural looking) lip fullness. The secret lies in a high concentration of micronised pigments and a hugging, highly refractive formula that effectively seals in colour and gets it to stick around all day without drying out lips. The long-wear formula means just one slick of this super-comfortable and reassuringly wearable lipstick (read: no need to reapply come lunchtime), and you’re good to go.

The bold and vibrant payoff of 20 shades is not the only reason desire is high for these lippies. The packaging is also incredibly covetable. Take the leisurely wind of the stick, which Chanel has slowed to be ridiculously gratifying. Luxury should be savoured (or at least noticed), even if you’re doing your lipstick in the lift on your way to a meeting. And really, that’s the essence of lipstick, isn’t it? Something to covet, something to cherish and something to make us feel just a bit more special.

No wonder it’s the one thing we all collectively reach for. No matter what.

Shop the new CHANEL Rouge Coco Bloom collection at David Jones, Myer and CHANEL Boutiques;

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