Christmas Tree Eyebrows Are The Trend (Once Again) Taking Over Instagram

We are obsessed with this festive look

Every festive season we receive a new and wonderful beauty trend that gets us into the holiday spirit and this year’s glimmering shimmering beauty trend is *drum roll please*Christmas tree eyebrows.  

The festive eyebrow art blew up Instagram last year, and now, the Christmas tree eyebrow is back for solid round 2.

There will forever be trends for weird and wonderful brows (who could forget feather brows?) but the latest glitzy trend will be getting you right into the holiday spirit this Christmas.

The internet’s top beauty gurus first introduced us to the Christmas tree eyebrow last year, where you brush and wax your ‘brows to look like tree branches, set them with wax, attached festive baubles and glitter and even top it off with a star (like you would your tree).

This look is for all you Christmas lovers who want to outshine the fam and wow the ‘gram this holiday season.  

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