4 Ways To Detox Your Hair And Make-Up Routines

The best of clean beauty

The urge to detox at this time of year is strong, change up your beauty regime with these four smart and simple steps. 

Clean hair

Haircare has lagged behind the natural boom, mostly because creating active formulations hasn’t been easy. But that’s all changing now. “Because of the composition of hair… it is much harder to change your hair with natural ingredients,” says Simon Bright, founder of Jonny+June organic haircare. “There is no shortage of natural oils… in haircare, but only a handful of natural ingredients can make hair cleaner and healthier.”

Try: Sukin Deep Cleanse Shampoo, $10.17 and Conditioner, $10.17. 


Vegan beauty

If you’re vegan or seeking cruelty-free, you’re in the right country. “Australia is the third fastest growing vegan market in the world,” says Bright, who also runs a vegan salon in Sydney called Jonny+June. “We acknowledge more Australians are choosing more ethical lifestyles, so we are thrilled to be able to o er our clients an experience without worrying whether our products have harmed animals for the sake of beauty.”

Try: Jonny+June Original Shampoo and Conditioner, $29.96 each.

Jonny+June Shampoo
Jonny+June Conditioner

Natural make-up

The days when natural make-up meant forgoing feel-good formulations and good colour payoff are long behind us. “You no longer need to compromise on performance for natural and cruelty- free, as natural ingredients are some of the most powerful in the world,” says Mark Thompson, CEO at Nude by Nature. “One hundred per cent natural ingredients have been a key part of our DNA since the beginning and we are dedicated to providing high-performing formulas combined with active natural ingredients.” Popular much? A bottle of Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover Foundation is sold every 77 seconds around Australia.

Try: Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover Foundation, $39.95.

Nude By Nature Mineral Powder

Don’t eat your lipstick

“The average woman is thought to consume between … [3 to 4kg] of lipstick in her lifetime,” says Langmuir. “So what you put on your lips, you ingest.” To minimise nasties, apply natural lippie at least some of the time.

Try: Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Spice Things Up Limited Edition Lipstick, $40

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Spice Things Up Lipstick

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