The new way to cleanse for instantly better skin

Spoiler alert: it’s not oil, foam or gel

In news that’s will appeal to multi-taskers, the time-poor and lazy girls alike, there’s a new cleansing method in town. And far from adding an extra step to your routine, it actually does away with one of the most tedious.

As anyone who has a strained relationship with exfoliator knows, it’s crucial if you want glowing skin. But get it wrong (especially by way of harsh scrubs), and you risk causing more harm than good.

But get it right, and you reveal the kind of radiant skin you always wish you had. And that’s where powder cleanser comes in.

Gentle enough to use every day but powerful enough to cleanse both the surface of your skin and deep inside your pores, the next generation of powder cleansers removes make-up, exfoliates and nourishes your skin. In other words, they’re the ultimate three-in-one.

Unlike scrubs, the micro-fine powder particles won’t damage your skin – simply mix the powder in wet hands to form a lather, and apply in circular motions to direct the product into pores.

Dermalogica’s new Daily Superfoliant is our current powder cleanser of choice – an update on their cult-fave Daily Microfoliant, this new version incorporates activated Binchotan charcoal powder to draw out impurities and pollutants from the skin.

The pale grey powder includes antioxidants to soothe skin and combat the free radical damage caused by environmental pollutants, rice bran extract to both chemically and physically exfoliate and enzymes to deeply cleanse the skin without drying it out.

The Daily Superfoliant is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. Oilier complexions should find it helps to regulate shine; while dry or dull skin types will benefit from its radiance-boosting, anti-ageing properties.

Use it after your standard cleanser for the best double cleanse you’ll ever have, or alone if sleep beckons.

The best bit? Dermalogica’s new Daily Superfoliant usually retails for $85, but you can pick up a free sample with this month’s issue of marie claire in newsagents and Woolworths stores nationally.

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