5 Rules To Follow For Clear Skin

New year, clean slate

We rounded up five ways to cut down on added nasties to get your skincare routine feeling just a bit more virtuous this year. 

Rule 1: Consider the 80/20 Rule

“My philosophy has always been an 80/20 rule,” says Susanne Langmuir, founder of Bite Beauty. “Eighty per cent of the things I do or I choose, I really try to be mindful of making sure they are healthy, sustainable and non-toxic; the other 20 per cent [I’m more relaxed about my choices].” What that means? Make simple swaps such as switching your cleanser, exfoliator, serum or moisturiser to natural alternatives, so you’re cleaning up without even trying.

Rule 2: Focus on Your Body

If you want to switch to natural beauty, try swapping your daily body cream. Your body lotion is applied to about 90 per cent of your skin, so the thinking is that if you go for a clean version, you’re swapping out a lot of unwanted ingredients. Supermodel turned organic beauty entrepreneur Miranda Kerr conforms to this philosophy. “The skin is the largest organ in your body – and what you put on your skin sinks in,” says Kerr. “It’s important to me to be really conscious and aware and use the
most pure and natural products on my body, which not only nourish it but also don’t ll it with harsh chemicals.”

Try: Oblepikha Siberica Oblepikha and Honey Body Scrub, $15.99

Oblepikha and Honey Body Scrub

Rule 3: Check Your Ingredients

If you’re seeking a pure alternative, make sure you ip the bottle to check out the ingredients list. “The ingredients included in the product will be listed in order from the largest to the smallest quantities,” explains Tina Randello, marketing director at BWX Limited, the creator of Sukin skincare. “Look for products that have high contents of rich plant oils such as sesame seed oil, macadamia oils and jojoba oils. This will ensure your skincare has large amounts of natural oils to keep your complexion hydrated.”

Try: Andalou Naturals Purple Carrot + C Luminous Night Cream, $29.99

Andalou Luminous Night Cream

Rule 4: The No List

Sometimes it’s not what’s in a product but what has been left out. To make choices easier, many brands are now listing what they haven’t put in their products. “The first thing to look for is the synthetic nasties that are not included in the product,” explains Randello. “Something Sukin did when it launched just over 11 years ago was to create a ‘No List’ of ingredients commonly found in beauty products that we have found a natural alternative for. We say no to articial additives and harsh ingredients that can cause harm to ourselves, animals and the environment we live in.”

Try: Trilogy Age-Proof Overnight Mask, $44.95

Trilogy Purely Ageless Reviving Eye Cream

Rule 5: Adopt Facial Oils

Generally containing fewer ingredients, a facial oil can be swapped in for a moisturiser.
And don’t think you need to avoid oils if you have oily skin – these beauties are great for all skin types. There are even versions created expressly for oilier types.

Try: Jojoba The Company Oily Skin Balancer, $39.95

Jojoba Oily Skin Balancer

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