This Viral Hair-Curling Trick Requires A Blow-Dryer And A Recycled Water Bottle

It really works!

Every since the Dyson Air Wrap styler launched it’s the only thing people can talk about in the beauty world. And rightly so, the hairstyler is like nothing we’ve seen before.

Not everyone can afford the $699 hair tool and if you can, it’s sold out everywhere. Cue this viral curling hack. The internet is losing it over this DIY trick for two reasons: it’s quicker than using a wand or straightener and it costs next to nothing. Now everyone can curl their hair with air. All you need is a hairdryer and a recycled plastic bottle.

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Hair Hack
(Credit: Instagram)

The technique was first spotted on Facebook and quickly emulated by a host of beauty bloggers. Most recently Huda Katan (@huadbeauty) shared the hack with her 28.7 million followers.

Here’s how to curl your hair with a hairdryer and a recycled water bottle: 

1. Cut the top off a recycled plastic bottle and create a rectangular incision that’s about the same size as the nozzle on your hairdryer. 

2. Place a section of your hair (about 5cm in diameter) inside the bottle 

3. Place the hairdryer’s nozzle inside the incision and blast hair for about 8 seconds. 

4. Huda warns that the bottle can get quite hot so wearing gloves is recommended. 

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See how the hack worked on other hair types in these popular tutorials: 

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