Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means it’s time to treat yourself

It’s called self-care, ladies

It’s 2020, and we are done waiting. We don’t have to wait for stores to open (thank you, online shopping), our next colourist appointment (how did we ever live without you, temporary root-colour powder), or for someone else to present us with a Valentine’s Day gift this February 14. It’s time to gift yourself! And really, what could be more luxurious, or more sorely needed in these crazy-busy times, than some time for yourself? That would be time for yourself with a side of self-care. And that’s exactly what you can get this month, with an endota facial and massage, for just $110.

But it’s not just any facial – it’s one tailored specifically to your skin requirements (because there is no one on this earth quite like you), using endota’s clinically tested New Age & Organics skincare line. The 30-minute face treatment targets your specific concerns and goals and will transform your skin, while the 30-minute massage focuses on your individual areas of stress and tension, helping bring relief to both mind and body – so important for healthy, happy skin.

Treat yourself to an endota facial and massage
(Credit: endota)

Using the latest clinical diagnostic tools, your endota therapist will analyse your complexion to determine your customised course of action. There’s a device that tests hydration levels, a scanner* to detect any imperfections not visible to the naked eye (including sun damage, blocked pores and pigmentation), and a micro technology tool that helps infuse active ingredients deep into the skin, where they can do their best work. It takes bespoke beauty to a whole new level, and takes the guesswork out of figuring out precisely what your skin needs (you’ve got other things to think about, right?).

All this technology is paired with endota’s signature luxe, New Age & Organic products, to deliver a truly beautiful experience. And the best bit: you can continue the good skin times at home, because endota sell all the products they use in their professional-grade treatments, so you can leave with your personalised prescription of products. At-home Sunday spa night, anyone?

Go on, you deserve it.

*Scanner available at selected spas

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