Erin Holland Reveals The Terrifying Reason She’s So Vigilant About Sunscreen

She now wears it every single day

Former Miss World Australia Erin Holland looks perpetually bronzed, but don’t be fooled: her tan is always of the bottled variety. Growing up in sun-soaked Queensland, she’s seen firsthand the potentially devastating effects of sun damage, which is why she was so keen to partner with Neutrogena to unveil a UV-activated prototype fashion range to educate Australians on the importance of daily sunscreen use (get a glimpse of the range below).

Below, Erin makes a strong case for wearing sunscreen rain, hail or (especially) shine – and shares her favourite formula, plus her summer beauty secrets.


What does your skincare regimen involve?

Every morning I make sure I get up and cleanse off the night before, then I use a moisturiser – something light – and  then I apply a daily sunscreen. Ultra Sheer by Neutrogena is my favourite because it’s really lightweight, doesn’t block my pores or make me feel like I’m wearing sunscreen at all. Then I finish with an Endota Spa primer before I put my face on.

Have you always been vigilant about sunscreen?

Growing up in North Queensland, I’ve really had it drummed into me how important sun safety is. My parents have both had precursors to melanoma removed, so it’s something that’s always been really important to me.

I remember when I was 16 and going for my learner’s licence, my mum couldn’t come with me because she was getting a precursor to melanoma cut out of her face. She had to go back like four times because they couldn’t get it all. Mum sat me down and said you really have to look after your skin. That was the moment it really hit home that wow, I need to pay attention to this, and it’s definitely the reason I jumped on board the campaign.

Erin Holland
Erin Holland wearing the Neutrogena collection. (Credit: Neutrogena)

Are there any beauty treatments you can’t get enough of?

I try not to do too much of that kind of thing myself, I prefer getting facials once a month to clear out the make-up build-up that I have from work every day, where I have to wear quite heavy makeup. I’ve really been enjoying light therapy, it’s my absolute favourite – I get it done as part of the New Age facial at Endota Spa in Paddington.


What’s your number one beauty tip?

“I love Tarte Radiance Drops – it’s like a liquid illuminator that you add to your foundation and it gives a beautiful glow without having to go over the top with highlighter, which can sometimes look overboard. It’s nice and subtle and I use it every day.”

What are your summer beauty essentials?

“ I have a travel make-up kit that comes with me everywhere, it has tinted moisturiser, at the moment Laura Mercier one that I quite like, I use it for touch-ups when my make-up starts shifting during the day. Then my favourite lip gloss, mascara, a little travel-size bottle of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer, and a hair brush.”

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