Eyeliner Linked To Lead Poisoning In Three Sydney Children

The NSW government has issued a warning

People have been warned to immediately cease using an imported brand of eyeliners after tests found the products contained lead.

Lead was found in the blood of three Sydney children, thought to have been caused by an eyeliner almost entirely made of the dangerous toxic heavy metal. 

The findings prompted an investigation which found the Hashmi Kohl product, which was imported from Pakistan, was 84% lead and also contained high levels of dangerous metals including arsenic, cadmium, chromium and mercury, The Guardian reports. 

“An investigation indicated the health concerns were likely to have been caused by one of the Hashmi brand eyeliners,” New South Wales better regulation minister, Matt Kean, said.

“Some of the product packaging even specifically states that no lead is present, which is a total disgrace.”

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