5 Eyebrow Trends To Come Out Of Fashion Month

And exactly how to mimic them

The final week of fashion month is upon us, and while new season trends in both fashion and beauty have been showcased, so has that of our future brows. At first, it seemed brows were really having their moment (remember when Cara Delevingne’s bushy brows were a lewk?) but the trends have continued to come through thick and fast, proving once and for all that the focus on brows isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

Deciphering those said trends is no easy feat though. That’s why we tasked Benefit Cosmetics’s National Brow Artist, Hannah Mutze, to translate exactly what fashion month told us about the upcoming brow trends. Nowadays, we can use technology to change the shape of our brows, and can manipulate products to paint and contour a whole different look, so Hannah explains how to mimic each trend using Benefit’s newest addition, the Brow Styler

Time to experiment with architectural arches and colour pops! Here’s the lowdown on the top eyebrow trends straight from the Spring/Summer 2020 runways. 

Fendi: Bold Is Best

Strong arches reigned supreme on this runway. Make like the Italians and layer Brow Styler’s two formulas to recreate these brows. Use the loose powder to fill through the middle of your brows and the tip of the waterproof wax pencil to define the shape.


Burberry: Clean, Natural Definition

Think clean lines and natural finishes for the Burberry brow this fashion week. An easy one to re-create, use the pointed tip of Brow Styler’s wax pencil to define the shape and the wide edge to fill in your brows. The slightly waxy finish leaves the brows looking a little glossy and a lot effortless.


Victoria Beckham: Soft Focus Definition

We’ll call this look relaxed perfection! Think soft flowing curves and muted lines, this is one brow style best left to a powder. Using Brow Styler’s loose powder, start under the arch of the brow and buff colour through moving towards the tail end. With the remaining product, lightly buff the applicator through the front half of the brows.


J W Anderson: Lush and Full

Embellished with lifelike texture and lush fullness, the brows seen on Anderson’s runway are no doubt a staying style. Effortless and youthful, recreate the look with a combination of loose powder and a fibre gel. Use the angled base of Brow Styler’s loose powder applicator to lightly fill the brows. Swirl the applicator when removing from the swiper to tap off any excess powder. Finish by brushing through a fibre gel, backcombing for added volume and fullness.

jw anderson

Jason Wu: Colourful Arches

Artful arches were made cool once again at Jason Wu. After shaping and filling your brows take your candy floss hued eyeshadow a little higher, using a buffing brush to blend it right up into the bottom line of your brows. Finish with a slick of clear brow gel for feathery hair separation and all-day hold.

jason wu

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