This Is The Most Requested Hair Colour In Australia–With A 206% Increase In Popularity

Move over, balayage!

Spring clean your look this season by embracing a new hair hue. 

The right colour can instantly brighten your complexion and reinvigorate the look and feel of your tresses. However, deciding on a shade that a) you like b) will suit your skin tone, can be a daunting task.

Cue the latest research from Pinterest, revealing the most popular hair colour searches and saves. With over 4.1 million beauty and hair ideas saved by Australians every month on the photo-sharing platform, there’s no shortage of inspiration! 

According to the data, Aussies are switching to all-over tones and moving away from the ombre or balayage trend that has topped the list for the past few seasons.

‘Chestnut brown’ is officially the most popular colour with a 206% increase in saves since last year. This is a rich medium brown shade with warm golden reflections. This versatile shade suits all skin tones, adding a healthy glow to warmer complexions.


Followed closely by searches for “mulled wine red” which soared by 80% in April alone. This shade features rich deep reds with a hint of orange and chocolate. Guaranteed to make blue eyes pop, this head-turning colour is best suited to cool and neutral skin tones. 


Wallflowers need not try this icy blonde trend which has seen a 60% increase in saves in 2018. Just ask Kim Kardashian–this dramatic look will turn heads. While this is amazing on someone with a cool undertone, platinum blonde tends to wash out the natural yellows and reds in your skin so you might need more make-up to look “done.”

Now the only thing left to decide is whether you’re a dark-haired beauty, fiery redhead or standout blonde?

This article originally appeared on InStyle

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